brief comment on the Steinberg video commentary

I'm going to try to describe what I hear him saying, translating into my own language and thus into the mess of metaphors I use when thinking about these things. 

Steinberg of course says it all very simply and elegantly. I suffer from a tendency toward a formal and pedantic style, at which, trust me, sometimes even I am rolling my eyes, even as I'm typing the very words!

If you find my commentary to be over-complicating and obscuring the whole matter, please don't mind me and just stick to the video. My goal with the commentary is first to think through all this for myself to really deepen my own practice. The "waking up" I talk about in Part I is what I'm after, and right now these notes are doing it for me. The reason I'm putting it on this blog is to bring some attention to ideas in the video that I think others will find useful and illuminating. Also, by putting it on the blog I hope to give myself more reason to stick with the project.

Please send in your comments, corrections, etc. 

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