Some sketches

These are from 2010 or so -- pretty sure I drew 
while these at the coffee shop with Dan Z and the STL drawing club. 
I don't think these are great sketches or anything, but it's been a while since
I put anything up on the blog.


John P

John Porcellino process posts: One, Two, Three




Pomodoro Technique

Read about it here. Try it and see if it helps you. Works for me. Keep it simple.


Wrong How

What also helps is realizing that it's not that "someone is wrong on the Internet," it's that most of the time they're not even wrong. After remembering that, somehow it's easier to just get back to your work, which is the right response anyways to whatever it was that riled you up in the first place.


The Most Greef

...for me anyways. Followed by postpro and finding mistake after mistake after after ∞. Haven't got practical systems for these yet is the problem, I guess?



This is a sketch for a 6 foot tall Glenn Ganges, which is the last thing the world needs.


Body of Work Thumbs

These are the layout pages for "Body of Work." (You can read it here.) 

I'm in-between projects right now and trying to clean up the studio (AKA the living room), so I may as well post some junk like this.

I had a hard time with this assignment (for an exhibition at Parsons about polymath cartoonists) but I eventually figured something out I was happy with. Here's some tricks I learned about how to approach assignments that work for me personally:

1) start building the story around whatever emotion you're currently feeling in your life (annoyance, frustration, hostility, etc.)
2) make it recursive
3) "death"